Strategies for automated regression testingMartedì 12 Giugno

Automated regression testing is everywhere, it’s popularity and uptake has rocketed in recent years and it’s showing little sign of slowing down. So in order to remain relevant, you need to know how to code, right? No. While knowing how to code is a great tool in your toolbelt, there is far more to automation than writing code.

Automation doesn’t have answers for:

  • what tests you should create
  • what data your tests require
  • what layer in your application you should write them at
  • what language or framework to use
  • if your testability is good enough
  • if it’s helping you solve your testing problems

It’s down to you to answer those questions and make those decisions. Answering those questions is significantly harder than writing the code. Yet our industry is pushing people straight into code and bypassing the theory. Whether you’re someone who is coding on a regular basis, work or lead a team who practise automating tests or are looking for a starting point to get into test automation, having a strategy for your regression testing is key to getting the most out of your automation.

In this class through discussions and framed exercises we are going to try to answer the above questions. This one day class will analyse:

  • What actions make up an automated test
  • What makes an automated test valuable
  • How to design maintainable automated tests
  • How to determine the best way to run specific tests against a product

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn new techniques and thinking and ultimately leave with the skills to successfully create strategies for their teams that go beyond knowledge of code.

By the end of this workshop, attendees will be able to:

  • Describe the principles of Automation in Testing
  • Differentiate between human testing and an automated test, and teach it to others
  • Describe what makes an automated test valuable
  • Describe the anatomy of an automated test
  • Determine the best interface to create an automated test based on current understanding of an application
  • How to discover new libraries and frameworks to assists us with our automated checking
  • Implement automated checks at the API, JavaScript, UI and Visual interface


Testers or developers who are actively involved in automated regression testing. Managers or leads who are responsible for setting out test automation strategies.


Note: Class participants should have laptops/PC.


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9:00 - 17:30
Mark Winteringham
Hotel NH Milano Congress Centre